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united nations: united 7561 kilometers

a site-specific installation commissioned by the national endowment for the arts, the andy warhol foundation for the visual arts, the texas commission on the arts 2002.


united nations: temple of exoticisms

a site-specific installation for 5th lyon biennale, lyon, france, 2000


united nations: man & space

a site-specific installation commissioned by 3rd kwangju biennale, south korea and hispid company, japan, 2000


united nations: babble of the millennium

a site-specific installation for san francisco museum of modern art, 1999

united nations-canadian monument: the metamorphosis

a site-specific installation for morris & helen belkin gallery, the university of british columbia, vancouver, canada, 1998


united nations-usa monument 2: dreamerica

an installation, steinbaum krass gallery, new york city, usa, 1995


united nations-
usa monument 1:

a site-specific
space untitled gallery,
new york city, usa, 1995

united nations-britain monument: the maze

a site-specific installation, angel row gallery in nottingham, camerawork in london, england, 1996


united nations-sweden & russia monument: interpol

a site-specific installation for international exhibition interpol, center for contemporary art & architecture, stockholm, sweden, contemporary art center of moscow, 1996


united nations-holland monument: v.o.c.-w.i.c.*

a site-specific installation for heart of darkness, the kroller-muller museum, the netherlands, 1994


united nations-italy monument: god & children

a site-specific installation, enrico gariboldi arte contemporanea, milan, italy, 1994


united nations-poland monument: hospitalized history museum

a site-specific installation for 4th construction in process, history museum of lodz & the artists museum, lodz, poland, 1993

united nations -
africa monument:
the world praying wall

a site-specific installation for second johannesburg biennale, institute of contemporary art, johannesburg, south africa, 1997

united nations- China monument: the Great Wall of People
a site-specific installation for the millennium art museum, china
albright knox gallery, buffalo 2004


united nations-
china monument: temple of heaven

a site-specific installation commissioned by the asia society for inside out, ps1 contemporary art center, new york city, usa, 1998


united nations-hong kong monument: the historical clash

collection of hanart gallery, hong kong, china.


united nations-taiwan monument: the mythos of lost dynasties

a site-specific installation, hanart gallery, taipei, taiwan, 1997


united nations-
israel monument:
the holy land

a site-specific permanent landart for fifth construction in process, israeli cultural minister& the artists museum tel-aviv center, israel, 1995

united nations- australia monument: epnagcliifsihc*

a site-specific installation for national gallery of australia, canberra, australia, 2001